A lot of people think that the capital city of Canada is Toronto. They are wrong. Toronto is the largest city in Canada as well as the center of art and entertainment. It is located in the province of Ontario and serves as the capital of this part of the state. Currently it is inhabited by almost 6 million people. Is known for its multi-ethnicity. The diversity of cultures makes Toronto a magical place, one of a kind. Currently in Toronto there are over 150 ethnic groups. Overall, immigrants make up almost 50 percent of all residents of the city. Most likely about 0.5 million Poles lives in this city, though official figures say about 250 thousand.  


Toronto is currently the fastest growing economic and tourist city in Canada. This is due to the convenient location (close to the U.S.), interesting sites and impressive buildings. In addition, Toronto is known for its forests. As much as 20 percent of the area of the city is green area. A large part of this are golf courses. You should also pay attention to the Rouge Valley Park – a lovely park occupying more than five thousand acres. Residents of Toronto enjoy meeting in this park, like in Central Park in New York.  

You can go to Toronto both in summer and winter. Aura is similar to the one in Poland. Christmas in Toronto are associated with Parade with Santa Claus, which has been organized for more than 100 years and attracts nearly 2 thousand participants, and more than a million viewers. The transmission takes place on television. Also a the summer parade of sexual minorities evokes stir, it is the largest in the world. Gay Pride Week has over a million viewers. The prestigious International Film Festival in Toronto is also worth mentioning, it is comparable to Cannes, Venice and Berlin festivals.  

The symbol of Toronto is, with no doubt, CN Tower. This monumental building with a height of 553 meters is the second highest point in the world. Toronto is also the city of sport. A few buildings in which the most important hockey or baseball games takes place every day, are located on the area of the city. For example Air Canada Centre (hockey arena and the place of great concerts) and Rogers Centre (hall with a fully closed roof). It is worth visiting the Exhibition Place, the site of the exhibition and cultural events, Queen's Park - Ontario Parliament building and the park and Bay Street where the headquarters of major companies are placed (in more than 25 glass skyscrapers).  

Every visitor will find something for themselves in Toronto. Huge office buildings, historical monuments (such as Casa Loma), parks, sandy beaches. Toronto island is a popular summer holiday destination, where in addition to relaxing on the water, you can go to the park, playground, "Centre-Ville" or for a walk on the boardwalk. Toronto is also the city of art. In total, there are more than 100 museums and galleries, the most important are: The Ontario Science Centre (OSC) - Ontario Science Centre and The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) - the Royal Ontario Museum.