Montreal is the largest city of the province of Quebec and the second largest city after Toronto, Canada. 3.5 million people lives in this multicultural city, including Poles, Brits, Spaniards, Italians, Hungarians, Chinese and Indians. You can find elks, marmots, raccoons or small, blue birds called blue jeye there. Residents of Montreal speak only French.

This the largest seaport of an eastern Canada was established as a small French village that was called "Mont Royal" in the honour of the royal. This is how the current name of the city was created.


Montreal is divided into 25 districts and it is situated on the island of the same name. The island is located at the mouth of two rivers - St. Lawrence and Ottawa. It was once the capital of the Province of Canada. It is the city full of shiny glass and steel skyscrapers, short of houses, Victorian houses and churches.

It is worth to visit Montreal in the summer, when the main shopping street called Boulevard Sainte Catherine is off to traffic and becomes a place of many attractions, including procession of fire eaters, clowns and fireworks explosions. In addition, the annual summer Montreal Jazz Festival is organized there. Winter attraction of the town is frozen St. Lawrence river, which in this season turns into the road cross-country skiing. Please note that there is a severe climate there and the temperature in winter goes down to - 20 degrees. Montreal is a city full of attractions. This includes the oldest and largest church in North America-nineteenth-century cathedral Notre Dame, a copy of the Roman basilica of St. Peter – Cathedral of the Queen of the World, the oldest art museum in Canada, with works of P. Bruegel, S. Dali, P. Picasso-The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Kings Mountain with a monumental cross and panoramic views of the entire city; Botanical garden with many conservatories and Chinese garden, twentieth-century Oratory of St. Joseph, Olympic Stadium, Masonic Lodge. Sports enthusiasts will find plenty of attractions there including lanes for jogging, cross country skiing, cycling roads or yachts standing in port. Those who do not like any form of physical activity can get around the city by the subway.

Former port-Vieux Port is now primarily exhibition halls and galleries. For those who love the old architecture the must-see is the tour around the old town -  Vieux-Montréal. It is a cluster of buildings from the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and its cobbled streets, stylish houses and small French cafes attract hundreds of visitors, both day and night.